Bulletproof Car Materials Used By Companies for Armoring Manufacturing Process

In this age of violence and threats, people are considering to take the help of armored cars. Armored car manufacturing companies are conducting high-end research in order to come up with high-quality armoring for armored cars. Basically, the high level of armoring is able to protect the occupants from any kind of assaults. Thus, it can be said that the motto of the bulletproof car company is to keep the occupants safe on the roads.

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The Endeavors of Armored Car Manufacturers

The increasing rate of violence has also surged up the demand of armored cars. Car armoring is done depending on the level of protection that a customer wants to receive. For instance, bulletproof cars usually come with a bulletproof glass of B3 level resistance; however, one can use B6 level in order to remain safe from gun shots of AK-47 and other weapons.

Hence, there is no denying of the fact that armored car manufacturers are constantly trying to upgrade the armored cars.

Any bulletproof car company tries to remain at par with the latest armoring trends and armor technologies. It’s because they want to implement the latest technologies while manufacturing their very best cars. Then only one can remain completely safe and secure on the roads.

Close Thought to the Materials Used

If you have thought of purchasing an armored car, it’s well and good for you. However, have you ever given a thought on the materials used for the manufacturing of the vehicle? If not, take a quick look into the materials that goes for the manufacturing of bulletproof cars.

  • Composite Armor

Lightweight composite armor is used in order to provide high-level of protection. The armor easily meets the NIJ and CEN ballistic standards. However, it doesn’t add much weight to the vehicle like all-steel armoring.

  • Bulletproof Glass

Any bulletproof car company will make use of lightweight polycarbonate curved glass. The hard-spall layer present in the glass can prevent shards to enter passenger compartment during an attack.

  • Ballistic Steel

High-hardened ballistic steel is used in some parts of an armored car. During the armoring, the steel is pulverized with a special chemical for ensuring ballistic stability and hardness.

  • Ballistic Nylon

Using of ballistic nylon fabric is a must for any bulletproof car company. The tough synthetic nylon provides protection from blasts and fragmentation. Built from high-grade material, it is suitable for armoring.

  • Transparent Armor

Transparent polycarbonate armor is used for the conduction of light. The optical clarity can be apt for security glazing and safety needs of any customer.

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  • Kevlar and Aramid Fibers

Highest quality of waterproof fibers is used. It also serves the purpose of providing protection from blast, explosion, and fragment penetration. The fiber can be even custom fabricated as per requirement.

  • Runflat Inserts

Reputed bulletproof car company makes use of run-flat inserts in order to provide flat tire mobility to the tires. It works well with pneumatic tires and can provide protection against ballistic attacks.

Here, is the short list of materials that are used for the manufacturing of bulletproof cars. These are the items which are a must for the cars and shouldn’t be avoided. Catch the latest news on armored and bulletproof vehicles here!