We are Courtesy Air, a unique aviation company that is relatively new to town, but one that’s committed to being here for a long time to come. We are not new to the aviation business, with over thirty years of aviation experience. We have joined a highly experienced, dedicated team to make the NEW Courtesy Air successful, a team that employs approximately forty full time employees. When hiring employees we try to hire locally; if we can not hire Saskatchewan or Alberta residents, only then do we hire outside the provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Courtesy Air is a progressive aviation company that is located in Buffalo Narrows, Saskatchewan. Courtesy Air (formerly know as Buffalo Narrows Airways Ltd.) was initiated in 1976 by the late Dennis O’Brien and the late Karen O’Brien. Buffalo Narrows is approximately 245 kilometers north of Meadow Lake on a paved, all weather road. It is ideally situated with access to a 5,000 and 2,300 foot paved runway for this existing fixed wing, wheeled aircraft operation. Our company, 947786 Alberta Ltd., took over responsibilities and purchased the assets of Courtesy Air on September 1, 2002. On December 6, 2010, Courtesy Air opened another base at the Lloydminster Airport in Lloydminster, Alberta.

Providing the best service possible is important to us. We are committed to customer service and safety. We share the same values and concerns that our customers and the flying public does, and hold the well being of our customers, employees, the community, and the environment in the highest regard. In conducting our business, Courtesy Air will implement their vision by conducting the company affairs so that their actions provide evidence of the high value they place on:

Integrity: By dealing honestly with our customers, our employees, our suppliers and our community.
Responsibility: By taking into account the environment in which we do business, and the purpose of our business.
Profitability: By being conscious that an appropriate level of profit is necessary to sustain business and allow our values to continue to be observed.
Value: By providing excellence in customer service without ever compromising safety.
Vision: Visionary management has a broad vision of the future, enabling the company to be a leader in the aviation industry.
Employees: By providing quality, equitable opportunities for development in a healthy workplace, with appropriate rewards.
Empowerment: By making staff feel that they make a difference that they are accountable, responsible and trusted.

Courtesy Air operates as a full service charter aircraft operation with a fleet of twin engine, fixed wing, wheeled aircraft, and maintenance facility at the Buffalo Narrows airport. Courtesy Air offers a full range of charter services including Medevac flights, transportation of employees to Northern Mine sites, and fire support services. Also, the transportation of medical personnel, government officials, politicians and others across Northern Saskatchewan.

With its own maintenance base approval, Courtesy Air is able to keep a variety of aircraft at its disposal and is therefore able to serve a wide range of customers, often on very short notice. Courtesy Air has built its client base over the years, providing quality, on-time service that exceeds its customers expectations. Throughout its 25 year history, Courtesy Air has maintained a solid reputation for high quality service among its broad base of customers and it is considered by many to be the finest air charter service in Northern Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Courtesy Air’s commitment to quality and cost effectiveness is delivered by combining safety and service oriented flight personnel and a quality driven management team. The Courtesy Air vision is the result of two professionals in the medical and aviation industries, who have seen a need for improvement in the air services throughout Northern Saskatchewan. Until now, neither were in the position to make the necessary changes to influence the way pilots and companies thought, and to “get the bush out of the North.” Safety and customer service is of utmost importance to the company owners, Jackie and Marty Fowler.

We believe that our mission statement best describes our position:

“To provide the highest quality and most cost effective air transportation service for the people of Northern Saskatchewan, combining the safest aircraft, keeping in mind the comfort of the passenger, with the integration of friendly and competent aviation professionals which will allow Courtesy Air to be a leader in the industry.”